St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fishing report, Brunswick, GA, Nov 27 & 29, 2010

The fishing for trout has still been outstanding.  We had two trips over the Thanksgiving weekend that provided good action on sea trout both days.  Flounder, redfish, bluefish and the dreaded lizard fish also crashed the party.  Both days were dedicated to floating and suspending lip divers.  We've continued on this pattern because it works.  It has enabled us to cover a lot of ground, as we have not found any great concentrations of fish at one spot.  We comb the areas thoroughly, and go back over the spots where we pick off fish.  As a rule, when we trout fish, we do use artificials.  For the live baiters, this works as well, as you can find them with the artys and then anchor on them with bait-and up your catch.  This year in general, the trout have been on the smaller side, but using these larger profile baits has put our keeper ratio well above 90%.  We had one short fish in two days of fishing, with over 30 good trout landed. 

James Pittman from Buccaneer Bait & Tackle in St Mary's and Mike Wooten from St Simons Bait & Tackle on St Simons have confirmed the outstanding trout catches as well.  The trout bite has been strong from the Hampton River south to the Florida/Georgia line.  Most catches have been made with live shrimp under popping corks and traditional float rigs.  These are deadly weapons in the marsh, and by no means one dimensional.  Capt. Tim and TJ Cheeks, out of Hickory Bluff Marina, also had tremendous catches of trout varying their depths and retrieve styles on these floating destroyers. 

Tip of the week:  Add a fish imitating plastic under your popping cork as the weather gets cooler.  This will present as a stressed or dying bait fish which is what the game fish are keying on as the temperatures drop. 

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