St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Bite Is On!

Had a great day on the marsh with Chris last year, and Chris brought the mojo with him again this year. Last year Chris plucked some nice reds out of the grass on some nearly nine foot tides. This year we did a complete 180 and fished the low. Chris is an accomplished bass fisherman, so I threw down the gauntlet, and the challenge was on…all artificial! We pretty much stayed with the Bomber Long A all day and caught a few really nice trout, a few lower slots, and a mess of shorts. I knocked one of the “really” nice trout off Chris’s Bomber. (BH) I tried to knock a big flounder off his Bomber as well…but finally got it landed. We wanted to finish strong on the flatties but the wind had other ideas. Chris changed up the finesse jigging to a cross current swimming retrieve and dang if he didn’t figure them out!  We weeded thru some short flatties and ended up with 5 good ones. Back to the mojo, Chris’s “technique”, put us at a respectable 305 flatties for the year. I think that earns him a “flounder pounder” t-shirt! And a special thanks for that bottle of 1800!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Last Singles Slam

Today was the last day Michelle was able to get on the water before she surgically implants the ring in my nose next Friday (jk Baby, I am incredibly lucky to be marrying you). Michelle put a tall order on the plate, wanting to catch just one nice slam. First stop, Michelle whacks a couple of specks with a trusty Long A. Next stop for the Red. We had to beat off a couple sharks, but Michelle ended up with a beast on about her third cast. With two of three out of the way, it was on to the flatties. They have been finicky, but not today. We got on a real good Flounder bite, including one Michelle caught that you could wipe your feet on. My Baby rocks. The next time we fish together, it will be Mr. & Mrs. Capt. Tim Cutting...has a nice (nose) ring, doesn't it. I think this poor butterfly got tired of fighting the breeze, and rested on my head & shoulders for about 10 minutes...good luck I think.

Jeff gets some Tail...

Had a big time with Jeff in the marsh Tuesday. While waiting for the tide to flood, we banged on a few flounder and short trout. As the tide begin to flood, it started to rain...sideways. Pot committed, we hit the first flat and saw a couple, but they didn't stay up long, so we headed to another spot (don't leave fish to find fish). No fish. Off to another only to find sheepshead. One more, but it had gotten to deep and would require a long walk to get to some shallower humps. Back to spot one with the tide starting to turn...and they were there, (don't leave fish to find fish) The wind made it tough, but Jeff put a fluke right on the money and got rewarded instantly.

Turns out Jeff is as good at home repair/improvement as he is at rod building/repair and fishing. Jeff did an awesome job with some drywall and roof issues we had. Thanx buddy!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fish have been chewin'...

I don't know if its this approaching cool front or what, but the trout bite for the last week, as some of you already know, has been outstanding. While we've been primarily throwing lipped divers, there have been great reports on live bait as well. I've seen more 17-20" trout this past week than I have almost all year. In four strong days of trout fishing, we only had a couple of shorts. Today was no exception, as Josh and Jenna from Jacksonville put the hurting on some nice specs as well. Josh wanted Jenna to catch a big Red, and thank goodness we had a few bruisers cooperate, as well as a few slots and shorts. Jenna took big fish honors with big Red, big Trout and even caught a Flounder to complete her slam. The silver eels are still whacking the plugs. I don't remember seeing this many of those things ever. Thanks Josh & Jenna for another great day on the marsh!

Flounder Pounder Newest Member...

Tim from Atlanta earned himself a Flounder Pounder t-shirt after banging out 11 good ones earlier this week, including this nice one. Great fishing with you again Tim, see you in a couple of weeks!