St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Tall Trout Order! SSI Fishing Report 12/23/12

Got sent out of the house with orders to bring back dinner. Step on the boat and nearly break my neck on pure ice. The fish acted a little frozen as well. But, as the tide slowed down and dropped out I began to pick off a few. I dragged a “baby ubershad” in pumpkin shad from “Excite” baits, a Slayer inc. paddle tail in “ Houdini”, and what is becoming my favorite DOA shrimp: Watermelon/Halo. I fished the same stretch of deep creek bend, back and forth for close to 3 hours. No short fish today, and even a nice bonus red! My second order was to be back by 12….12:05 counts doesn’t it?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Great Trout Bite Continues

After finding a few specks Tuesday, I felt pretty good about getting back on the water with Bob on Wednesday. Bob has been fishing with me since we first started, and is no stranger to the marsh. Bob has fished the Brunswick River system for quite some time and knows how good the fishing can be around St Simons Island. We got on some trout pretty quick, and even though we had quite a few unintentional quick releases and misses we were off to a good start. Stop number 2 and 3 didn’t produce, so we jumped on the trolling motor and began to pick some solid fish, including a few real nice trout and a redfish crashing the party. That’s the way it is with Bob it seems. He knows when the stars and moon line up…more importantly is that lucky rabbits foot I can’t get him to give me. Thanks Bob, you certainly bring the mojo and good times with you every time out!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Great Bite in the Blow…SSI Fishing Report 12/18/12

The wind was absolutely honkin’ out of the northwest…but the fish didn’t seem to mind. All fish caught on the watermelon/halo DOA shrimp and a few off the old faithful Bomber Long A (suspending). The water has already cleaned up a bit and was still at 60 degrees. Gotta feeling there is going to be some fish caught these next few weeks!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Funny Out Takes & Bloopers

I have been trying to put together some "how to's" on knots, rigs, lures, and other fishing related stuff. Figured we'd provide some entertainment for the wintery windy days. But thanks to great weather, great fishing and a lot of trips(thank you!) and fairly full calender of trips coming up( thanks to many of you again!) things have been hectic. Well here are a couple of "EPIC FAILS" as Sarah says. The kids think these are pretty funny due to some akward narration and a fish relieving itself during the longer video. As the kids say "we are not laughing at you, but with you".

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Big Trout...

…and a gazillion little fellers too. I had a pretty solid plan for hitting the marsh with Lawton and Tom. Lawton and Tom are both avid blue water fisherman and have fished the marsh plenty as well. But back to the “plan”. Plan “A” worked pretty well on the rising tide as we picked off some nice trout up river on top of the mudflats. Plan ”B”-- head to the sound and wear out the trout on some clean falling water. We were met with wind and dirty water. No problem, head south back to some clean water. The water here was as clean and emerald green as I had ever seen it. (Even with the moon). We fished 8 or 10 drops with plenty of shorts but only a few keepers. Now I was scrambling. Run back up river and get on bigger fish! Three stops, great bite…all shorts. With the water dropping out, and nearing the end, we switched it up and went deep. Although the bites weren’t as frequent, the quality certainly was. We mixed it with live shrimp, DOA’s, and Gulps. Even had a few nice sheepshead and black drum join the party. We ended up with a nice mess of fish…but Lawton and Tom certainly earned it! Thanks guys, it was a blast as usual!