St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Day on the Marsh!

The last few weeks have been a blur, and it’s hard to post all the reports, but I felt I had to post this one. I had Ray and Amanda from Lankford Blueberry Farms and the bite was really tough. But Ray and Amanda kept on firing and we turned it into  a pretty good day. We ended up with 11 flounder, which seven were good keepers. We went thru small sharks, small trout, and  ended up on a pretty good rat red bite. Amanda went to town on the reds and even ended up with a 16 spotter. The number of small trout and small reds speaks well for this fall. I just wanted to say that Ray and Amanda turned a tough bite into a great day! It was a blast to fish with you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Camp Village Creek!

Had a big time helping Capt. Brooks and the gang with Camp Village Creek last week. For those of you living or visiting the Golden Isles, check out the best kids camp available. Contact Capt. Brooks Good at for information!

Monday, July 16, 2012

St Simons Island Fishing Report 7-14-12

After a little road trip last week, we got back in time to fish the Hampton on Saturday.  The plan was to check new and old stuff for Flounder, Trout and Reds.  We figured the Reds would be the hardest, but they showed up in earnest.  Ended up with three right at 23”, 3 overs and some break-offs.  The Trout are plentiful, but you really have to week through the short fish right now.  Michelle caught most of hers on soft plastics worked slowly on the bottom.  The Flounder bite was good, but not great.  You had to week through some shorts on the flatties too.  It was a great day on the water, and of course Michelle beat me up pretty bad on the aggregate again. 

As far the fishing reports, it has been outstanding.  This new moon coming up does not have a real big tide attached, so the next few weeks should be banner!   Offshore and nearshore, the bite is outstanding…if you can get there during a break in the wind.  Inshore, good sized Tripletails are still here, the Trout are thick, but as mentioned, a lot of shorts.  Flounder, Sheepshead, Whiting, Redfish and Black Drum have all been showing up at the cleaning tables as well. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Day on the Big Water...

The stars lined up today, as Capt. David, Michelle and I all had a hole in the calendar.  We snuck out of East Beach as soon as the incoming tide gave us enough water.  The ride out was a little hilly, but Capt. David’s Dusky hammered through it no problemo.  Once we hit 60 ft., David rolled over a few of his mondo Sea Bass holes, and it wasn’t long before we limited out on some nice BSBs.  We managed to jig up a nice Trigger as well.  We then dragged a few greenies around, and the cudas pretty much ate us up.  Michelle was fishing the lightest rig on the boat, and of course hooks up with the biggest fish of the day.  Was definitely impressed as she whooped up on a big brown nurse with the 2500 sized spinning reel and 20 lb. braid.  The ride back was pretty much Cadillac.  Big thanks to Capt. David Blackshear for an awesome day on the water…just what the doctor ordered!

Friday, July 6, 2012

All Artificial...All the Time

Met Danny at the docks early for an all artificial trip.   Danny is an avid bass fisherman, and no stranger to the marsh either.  The plan was to leave the bait at home and see what all this bass fishing the marsh was all about.  Danny looked at my spinning gear, but quickly decided to tie the plugs on his baitcasters. Good luck with this breeze Danny.  We hit the first stop bouncing lipped divers off the rocks, and Danny pops two nice keeper trout.  I must have given him the good colors.  Ok, time to finesse some flatties with the trusty flattie magic grubs.  This is where I shine.  I swear, in no less than 10 or so casts, Danny has 5 flatties to the boat.  Bass guy 7 fish, marsh rat zero!  The rest of the day played out the same way, with Danny pretty much putting on a clinic. Final count, bass guy 15, me 6. We ended up with 12 flounder (4 shorts), 9 trout (6 shorts) and a whiting…plus some greedy sharks, sea robins, pin fish, and the ever present foul hooked ray.  All fish caught on Bomber Long A’s, Yozuri Cyrstal Minnows, DOA ¼ oz. shrimp in near clear and gold flake and the trusty Gulp!  The bite was pretty good until the sun got high and the tide turned out.  A special thanks to Danny’s dad Tommy for arranging this trip.  Although back issues kept Tommy from this trip, it might be a blessing in disguise… my feelings would really be hurt with both you guys puttin’ it on me!

Thanks for a great day on the water Danny!

Great day on the water...

Headed out this lovely morning with Michelle for a fishing celebration of our nation’s birthday…and in fact, Michelle said the 4th was ‘her day’. And indeed it was, as she absolutely put on a clinic. We had planned to head offshore, but with the water green and flooding the shell & grass, we decided to Trout fish for a bit. With no luck on the Bombers, I switched to a plastic shrimp and Michelle opted for a weedless fluke, Houdini flavor. Five nice trout by Michelle, and nothing for me, I mumbled it was time to head to the nearest shore wreck. It took weeding through a bazillion Sea Bass to get our limit, but we got there. Somehow Michelle got about 9 of the 10 keepers. Had a Cobia swim up to the boat, and we dropped a jig to him, which he ate immediately and swam directly under the boat before spitting the jig. All in all, a wonderful day, topped off by Michelle’s fresh steamed shrimp , pan seared Sea Bass and Rice Pilaf. I’ll be throwing the fluke next time…

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

St Simons Island Fish Faces!

The week ends, the week begins…seems like the last few weeks of fishing have all run together at a furious pace.  I’ve had an absolutely amazing time fishing with some outstanding folks…some new, some old.  I know I’ve said it before, but the Georgia coast and Golden Isles have given me the opportunity to meet some amazing anglers, and more importantly some of the nicest people on the planet.  The inshore fishing for Reds has been very good, when we can find them.  The Flounder fishing has been simply outstanding, and although a lot of Trout have been short, they are fairly thick.  As most of you know, the Shark bite is always strong with plenty of Blacktips, Spinners, Finetooth, Sharpnose, Bulls, Lemons and the ever present Bonnetheads.  Offshore, when the seas cooperate, has yielded full limits of Sea Bass and Beeliners, and amazingly enough the Cobia are still biting strong.  Forgive me for falling behind on the photography and fish tales, but here is a quick little blast on some of the trips we’ve captured.  Thanks guys and gals for not only some of the fishiest, but funnest times ever!