St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Thursday, November 29, 2012

St Simons Island Fishing Still Hot

Eddie (roperdoc), Josh and Michael headed east from Athens to hit the marsh again. The timing couldn’t have been better. Except for low slack tide, which seemed to last forever, the bite was good all day. The outgoing tide produced the best bite, but the incoming brought bigger fish and oddly enough, a pile of reds. The outgoing tide was a good indication of how healthy and strong the trout population is as we had trout from 6” to 16”. (It was a little discouraging at first as we weeded threw a ton of shorts).  At one point the doc went 5 for 5 on one small hump for the reds. The trout that were with the reds were absolute chunks including a true gator roperdoc caught that we all thought was another good red. We caught fish shallow on the popping corks with DOA shrimp and liveys. We also got bit good in 6 -12 ft with the slip floats and live shrimp. Water was clean and green! These guys are great anglers and a blast to fish with. Thanks guys for another great day in the river!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

St Simons Island Trout Bite Still Strong!

Gotta give a shout out to William and Tim for helping me figure out some low water stuff Monday. Michelle and I checked out yesterday with more low water and less winds. Michelle dragged an 1/8 jig with a molting Gulp! shrimp and I pulled a DOA 3" shrimp (#368), with an extra 1/32 weight crimped on. Slow hops in 6-12 ft of water was the trick. For the second trip in a row, Michelle got bigger and more. Back on the hill cleaning a couple of limits by 11:00 a.m. My family is in town and looking for some fried fish...guess they better thank Michelle. Happy Thanksgiving all you Marshrats!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Goliath Grouper in the Creeks!

Got a call over the weekend from my good buddy William, who fishes with us regularly. First, I gotta tell you this guy is hard core and fishes pretty much the entire eastern seaboard…and flat out puts them in the boat. When I told William and his good friend Tim (another fish slayer) that it looked like 20-25 knots for Monday am, and a big honkin’ tide pouring in, he hit me with those words I love to echo: “You won’t know, if you don’t go”. How could I back out? (But Will’s like me and will fish in a hurricane) Well, despite weeding through some serious wind and short fish, as usual these guys started picking them off and ended up with a nice mess of fish.  As soon as the water rose, it turned dirty and  the bite slowed as well.  One of the highlights of the day was a Goliath Grouper that was hiding on one of our redfish rock piles.  We snapped a few pics and William put her back so we can catch her when she gets up to 100 lbs.

As usual I had an awesome time fishing with William and Tim. These guys are the type that know the next fish is a cast away and stay fun and focused.

William, a million thanks, you guys figured out a nice pattern that worked great for Michelle and I today!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Attention Flounder Pounders!

The T-Shirts are in! I need all of you flounder pounders (you know who you are) who fished with us this year to PM me so I can get your info and get your shirts to you. Its been a great year for the flatties, 350 and counting!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Fishing Chronicles with Roperdoc and Josh

Was fortunate to fish with another one of GON’s (Georgia Outdoor News) finest (Roperdoc) and his son Josh last Friday.  First I have to tell you that Eddie (Roperdoc) is a world class outdoorsman, and was just as fun to listen to as to fish with. Some of you know of his expertise as a veterinarian, but his knowledge doesn’t end there.  As I munched on the Doc’s deer jerky, (and other culinary fishing foods), I got to listen to some great hunting and fishing stories and the nuances of pursuing different species.  Doc also has a first class son, who by the way did some serious damage and gave Pop a run for his money, including big fish. While we piled up some fish, the bite was a little tough.  Eddie and Josh worked pretty hard to get bit.  Live shrimp, DOA shrimp, paddletails, and mud minnows all caught their share.  At times the “bite window” was only 2 foot wide and these guys put it there time after time.  It was one of those days we stayed on the trolling motor all day,  and never reached in the anchor locker.  Although we really hadn’t planned on flounder fishing, we chunked some plastics in the flattie stuff and knocked off three pretty quick before heading to the hill.  Eddie and Josh, aside from being excellent anglers, are what the outdoors and having a big time are all about! Thanks guys for a super day on the water!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

They Bit Pretty Hard Today...

I guess the fish were pretty hungry after the last few days of big water and big wind. Even though a pretty good west wind was blowing, Victor, Charlie, Tim, and George thumped ‘em pretty good. It was a Chinese fire drill, with doubles, triples, and even quadruple hook ups…but those are the problems we like! Thanks guys, I had a huge time!