St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Big Day on the Big Water...

The stars lined up today, as Capt. David, Michelle and I all had a hole in the calendar.  We snuck out of East Beach as soon as the incoming tide gave us enough water.  The ride out was a little hilly, but Capt. David’s Dusky hammered through it no problemo.  Once we hit 60 ft., David rolled over a few of his mondo Sea Bass holes, and it wasn’t long before we limited out on some nice BSBs.  We managed to jig up a nice Trigger as well.  We then dragged a few greenies around, and the cudas pretty much ate us up.  Michelle was fishing the lightest rig on the boat, and of course hooks up with the biggest fish of the day.  Was definitely impressed as she whooped up on a big brown nurse with the 2500 sized spinning reel and 20 lb. braid.  The ride back was pretty much Cadillac.  Big thanks to Capt. David Blackshear for an awesome day on the water…just what the doctor ordered!

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