St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Big Trout...

…and a gazillion little fellers too. I had a pretty solid plan for hitting the marsh with Lawton and Tom. Lawton and Tom are both avid blue water fisherman and have fished the marsh plenty as well. But back to the “plan”. Plan “A” worked pretty well on the rising tide as we picked off some nice trout up river on top of the mudflats. Plan ”B”-- head to the sound and wear out the trout on some clean falling water. We were met with wind and dirty water. No problem, head south back to some clean water. The water here was as clean and emerald green as I had ever seen it. (Even with the moon). We fished 8 or 10 drops with plenty of shorts but only a few keepers. Now I was scrambling. Run back up river and get on bigger fish! Three stops, great bite…all shorts. With the water dropping out, and nearing the end, we switched it up and went deep. Although the bites weren’t as frequent, the quality certainly was. We mixed it with live shrimp, DOA’s, and Gulps. Even had a few nice sheepshead and black drum join the party. We ended up with a nice mess of fish…but Lawton and Tom certainly earned it! Thanks guys, it was a blast as usual!

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