St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Bite Is On!

Had a great day on the marsh with Chris last year, and Chris brought the mojo with him again this year. Last year Chris plucked some nice reds out of the grass on some nearly nine foot tides. This year we did a complete 180 and fished the low. Chris is an accomplished bass fisherman, so I threw down the gauntlet, and the challenge was on…all artificial! We pretty much stayed with the Bomber Long A all day and caught a few really nice trout, a few lower slots, and a mess of shorts. I knocked one of the “really” nice trout off Chris’s Bomber. (BH) I tried to knock a big flounder off his Bomber as well…but finally got it landed. We wanted to finish strong on the flatties but the wind had other ideas. Chris changed up the finesse jigging to a cross current swimming retrieve and dang if he didn’t figure them out!  We weeded thru some short flatties and ended up with 5 good ones. Back to the mojo, Chris’s “technique”, put us at a respectable 305 flatties for the year. I think that earns him a “flounder pounder” t-shirt! And a special thanks for that bottle of 1800!

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