St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fishing report 11/12, 13 & 14- Inshore bite on fire!

The skiff worked overtime these last three days, so we'll do a combined report.  This time of year, during warming trends (especially following cold fronts) the fish school up fairly tight and are very user friendly.  We like to switch over to artificial when the fish are this eager.  The artificials allow us a better survival rate, as less fish get gut hooked, not to mention it is just plain fun to trick them. 

 Each day produced many keeper trout and redfish.  We also had some larger blues crash the party along with some fine eating flounder.  The bite was better on the lower tides, although we continued to find fish on the higher ends as well.  The lures of choice this week were lip divers worked fast and furious and soft plastics hopped and crawled along the bottom.  Two of the flatties we caught this week actually bit the lip diver. 

Tip of the week:  Go buy a Bomber Long A

Until next won't know if you don't go!

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