St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Monday, July 4, 2011

Flounder Pounding 7/3/11

After a fun night of festivities on Saturday, Mark and I's plan was to head out at 0 dark 30 for a little trout fishing.  We woke up Sunday feeling slightly less than spectacular, and hit the water with the sun a tad higher than expected.  As we hit the beach, the sporty conditions, lack of trout and foggy heads sent us scurrying back inside.  Not sure of what to do next, we decided to break out the Gulp swimming mullet and see if we could find those fine, flat fish that have been alluding me all week.  About the third cast, we hooked a small flounder and from then on they bit pretty good.  We ended up catching 12 flounder, including a nice one right at 4 lbs that Mark stuck.  I somehow managed to let 4 flounder come loose right at the boat.  I'll attribute that to a great time had the previous evening.  It didn't seem to bother Mark, as he continued to stick some good ones and get 'em to the boat.  A good bag of fine eating and well deserved flatty fillets are headed back to Waycross.  Mark-thanks for a great weekend with your family.

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