St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Monday, July 4, 2011

Family, Friends & Fishing Report-St Simons Island 7/2/11

Michelle, Sarah, Daniel and I were fortunate enough to have our good friends Mark, Krista, Logan & Matthew come visit over the holiday weekend.  We loaded the boats Saturday with kids, bottom rigs and shrimp to go catch whatever bites.  We had a large time catching fish nearly everywhere we stopped.  It was really great for the kids (me being the biggest one) droppin their rigs down and gettin bit immediately, and come back with something on the hook.  Caught croakers, whiting, rays, sea bass, summer trout, sharks, yellow tails, bluefish, sea robin, and Michelle even hooked a ribbon fish that was nearly 3 ft long. 

We did keep a few liveys on the heavier shark rigs to see if we could get a big one cruising through.  Sure enough a Sharpnose just under 5 ft grabbed one of the baits nearest Michelle.  She fought the fish to the boat, and just when we thought the shark was whooped, he made a mad dash around the boat and threw about 7 loops around the anchor rope.  We somehow managed to play merry-go-round with the pole around the anchor line until the fish was free for some quick pics and a live release.  A special thanks to you kids for showin us a good time!


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