St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Thursday, February 27, 2014

St Simons Island Fishing Report 2/20-2/27/14

It’s about windows. Heck, it’s always about those windows of opportunity. Here on St Simons Island, those inshore fishing windows can often disappear due to some pretty wild tide fluctuations. When the moon dictates that we are going to move 8 or 9 feet of water in a 6 hour period, we are going to get heavy current, and as a result, dirty water. On the other hand, when the tides mellow out, the fishing can be off the chart. In the winter, give me some daytime low tides, some clean water, and the window opens wide! That is exactly what happened this last week here on the Island. Trout, red fish, black drum, whiting, and sheepshead all fired off this past week. I have had calls from all over the Georgia Coast with some outstanding reports. We fished 6 out of the last 7 days, and even yesterday in the  pouring rain, the bite continued. Speckled trout were caught in water depths averaging 6-14 ft. on soft plastics and live shrimp, red fish were a tad more finicky and fresh live shrimp worked best. I usually snap the tail off the shrimp and impale them on a jig head. The trick here is to run the point of the hook into the shrimp where you have removed the tail and thread it all the way to the jig head. This will not only emit more scent, it will be head forward for a streamlined cast and when you give it a small twitch, look exactly like a fleeing shrimp. The whiting and black drum seem to like their shrimp peeled and headed. Seriously! I also run the hook through the entire shrimp body for these two fish. Sheepshead will eat a shrimp, but fiddler crabs seem to be their favorite.

 Now I sit here a little melancholy as the tides get big on the new moon, and my mid-day low tides disappear. But wait a minute, I think it was a wise Fisherman who said when one door shuts, another one opens up! If this wise Man will let the wind lay down, there lies some of the fishiest structures a mere 6 -9 miles off our beach. Excuse me while I rig for some sea bass, flounder, summer trout, mackerel and bull reds! Stay tuned as we crawl through the next window, or door, or ocean floor here in the GoldenIsles

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