St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

St Simons Island Fishing Report March 2014...So Far

March weather has been fairly predictable...all over the it should be this time of year. Water temperatures have ranged from the mid 50's upwards to 64 degrees. Water clarity has run the gamut as well, from crystal clear and salty, to downright sweet (fresh) and dirty. It's been a pretty solid spring for redfish, both large and small. Bull reds have been roaming the near shore wrecks from 5 miles on out to 20. Inshore, the low tide bite has been nothing short of spectacular, with many double digit days. We've had days of 30 trout and days where could barely muster up a half dozen. Most of the trout we have been catching are of legal size and very healthy. This spring's run of sheepshead has been very strong both inshore and near shore, with a healthy dose of black drum thrown in the mix. As of today's writing, those tasty whiting have finally shown up!

One of the keys to our success has been to lighten up our presentations. We have reduced hook sizes, jig head weights, leaders and the weights under our float rigs. We have lost a few rigs, but gained a few more bites. In some cases our leaders have been as light as 6-8 lb. fluorocarbon, and seldom throw any jigs over 3/16 ounces and have even dropped down to a 1/16 in many cases. We are using "loud" colors on our plastics, including but not limited to glow, purple, silver glitter patterns, bubblegum and even yellow. (For those that know me, it's hard to get me off "natural" hues, but whatever works!) While knots can often lead to lengthy discussions, I am still a big fan of loop knots. I have found that live bait suspended under a cork, with a loop knot, gives the bait a lot more freedom to move.

It won't be long before the water temperatures hit that magic 68 degrees and red fish will move up on the grass flats, triple tail will start floating in our sounds, flounder will cover the bottom, and those speckled trout will go on their spring/spawn feed, hitting everything that moves! And for those wanting to wrestle some aggressive sharks, one of America's best shark grounds is about to come alive!

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