St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Thursday, February 13, 2014

St Simons Island Fishing Report 2/12/14

We took advantage of a few weather and tide windows these last 3 days (2/9-2/11) and managed a very good, fair, and good. Sunday started off a bit cold but warmed up nice and the reds fired up during the outgoing. We sat on a school of slot reds and hooked 18, before sliding a little further up where we saw 5 big fish. Michelle fired a cast and immediately hooked up. We also had another red with NO spots. We finished Sunday fishing deep on the incoming and managed 8 trout...Michelle with the biggun'...again. Monday, in perfect weather, I ran south and fished creeks off the ICW and struggled a bit. I managed one over slot red and one in the slot along with 5 decent specs and a coupla' shorts, all on Mirrolures and grubs. Tuesday I had a short window to fish around low outgoing and ran into some nice trout! The fish were finicky and I switched back and forth between a 3" grub and D.O.A shrimp. Barely twitching the baits was the only way I could get 'em to eat. I ended up with 14 that I worked my tail off for--all but 2 were over 15", including 1 right at 20"...and a suicidal drum. I think that is great news for the coming warmer months! We released all but yesterday’s fish; Mom said her freezer was empty!

By Tim Cutting


  1. Love your reports. I live in Nashville, Tn. and fish the south Georgia coastal area when I visit home. (I grew up in Waycross) Are the trout and redfish located in deep areas during the winter months, or are you fishing much like the warmer months: ie, points and shellbeds less than 5 to 10 feet deep with popping corks, etc?

    1. I target deep holes in creek bends during low tide. If docks, laydowns, or shell is near, all the better! 6-14 ft. usually.