St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Reds, Rain, Roy, and Amanda

Roy, Amanda and I had been planning another trip in the marsh for a couple of weeks now and of course Sunday pretty much had a very wet forecast. We talked about another day but Roy said, “We’re coming, we don’t care” (A man after my own heart). Let’s do this! I figured as good as the trout bite is, we’ll dust off a few no matter. Roy has other prey in mind. Redfish. Hmmm. Being that I hadn’t really scouted low tide redfish country in a while I was a little apprehensive. So we jam ourselves into one of the many small oyster strewn creeks in the area and Amanda pops one on the very first cast. Although a little rain was falling, along with the temps, the wind hadn’t kicked in yet so we got to cruise around sight fishing a pretty good school of reds. There were lower slots, upper slots and overs in the mix and Roy and Amanda went to work. We pulled the hooks on a couple of good ones and got our clocks cleaned on a few more bruisers before we could get a good angle and bring a few boat-side. With the tide rising, wind blowing, and now raining pretty hard we put trout on the plan. A few cast and three trout to the boat. At this point I think we are all seeing who is the toughest and can stand the pain the longest. (Glad it’s raining hard now so they can’t see my tears or hear my teeth chattering) Finally, all in agreement we motor back thru the pain of a million rain needles of death. Seriously, sometimes before venturing out in less than desirable conditions you should ask yourself “is it really worth it?”… ABSOLUTELY! Thanks Roy and Amanda, I had another great time and look forward to doing it again soon! P.S. You guys are tough as nails!

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