St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Great Day on the Marsh!

We’ve had several requests to try different manufacturer’s baits and decided today was the day. (Of course we brought some old faves as well) The morning started off dead slick…almost too slick. We thought we’d beat the skinny stuff up for reds first. With conditions like that it was easy to see the fish. LOTS of fish. We were surrounded by fish…non-eating, spooky fish. We repositioned the boat and Michelle started us off with a couple of mid slots on a bait by Stinky Fingers Twitchin Shad. I lose one. We eased up the flat around some nasty shell mounds to see if we could find the bigger wakes. Making longer cast and looking for the reaction bite by swimming the SlayerInc Sinister Swim Tails. The reds didn’t disappoint as Michelle ended up sticking a good one, which exploded on the bait and pretty much sent the rest flying.

Trying to get back by lunch we switched over to trout and began getting bit pretty good on the plastics. Both the SayerInc and Stinky Fingers worked equally well (couldn’t resist dragging a measles DOA around as well).  We couldn’t leave without chunking some hard baits. I went with a fairly new lure from Mirrolure called a “heavy dine” and Michelle broke out the miracle bait… Bomber Long A. With a slight chop on the crystal clear water these baits got bit pretty hard. I think the Heavy Dine from Mirrolure is going to be a good big trout lure for deeper presentations. All trout were in the 12-16 inch range and of course Michelle manages the chunkier fish on the jerk bait…of course.

I gotta say the highlight of the day was Michelle sticking with the finicky reds and horsing a fatty around the shells. Kinda reminds me of when I use to catch a few back in the day…

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