St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Forecast: Cold, Windy, and Trouty!

We had Garrett (aka the “walking weather system”) down from Milton, Ga yesterday for another trip to the marsh. Garrett and I have fished in pouring rain, 100 degree heat, 30 mph nor’easters, and somehow the end result has been “get the net”. So bring on some 15-20 N winds, overcast, and cold. While the trout bite has been pretty reliable this fall/winter, I wasn’t sure how this little weather system Garrett brought with him would work out. We hammered docks and deepwater early on the low water with no bites…not one. We pulled some baits over one last rock pile in deeper water, and picked off 5 good ones. The bite quit as soon as it started and we ran to a shallow mud flat that had been holding bait and trout for the last month. Missed a few here, a few came unbuttoned, and we landed two. Time to run to flooding grass and shell, hoping the old trolling motor would stay strong in wind and current. We worked the bank pretty hard with nothing to show. As we eased up to some more grass and shell we noticed a nice reverse flow and hit pay dirt…sort of. Garrett picked off 4 in 4 casts, and then we had to work it hard for about another 6 bites. Back on the trolling motor and we knock off another 4. The bite is pretty tough and the fish are tight to shallow structure and the wind picks up. Garrett’s last trip in the wind ended up with us lucking into a big school of reds, and Garrett was keen on finding a few. We had our doubts with the conditions, but made a short run to some nasty flooded oysters, and sure enough Garrett lands one. With time running out, we blast back to the now flooded mudflat and work it hard for more pulled hooks, misses, and 2 more good ones. All in all, another great day, and I gotta tell you Garrett pretty much whooped me today. DOA shrimp in watermelon/halo (my new fave) and clear w/red flake (aka measles) took most of the fish, and live shrimp tight to the grass where it was rough and windy was the pattern today. Oddly enough, no short fish, and quite a few thick healthy ones. The water was extremely clean and we fished the entire incoming tide. Thanks Garrett, looking forward to being your “net boy” again soon!

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