St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Monday, January 30, 2012

SSI/Brunswick Fishing Report 1/27-1/30/12

Had been off the water since 1/16 getting things done (life happens ya know). So come Friday, 1/27 I was ready. Now of course 1/17 thru 1/26 we had a record setting warming trend and my fishing network buds from St. Augustine to Savannah were raving on the great bite that had been going on. So enter the cold front on 1/27 All good, we are fishing come hades or high water.

Friday I was completely blown out and managed only 4 trout and a couple of reds, all fish 14-15 inches. All fish caught on a suspending Spro McStick. One of the trout I caught had all three trebles stuck in him, and it took me a few minutes to unhook him. As I was operating on him, I noticed a small shadow fly over and looked up to see it was a bald eagle. I think he really wanted me to chunk him this trout. He flew right back to a dead tree we usually see him in and continued to watch me. Pretty cool.

Saturday the wind layed down and Michelle and I got to get out. We fished Brunswick, and the bite was tough. We did manage 9 trout between 14-16” and a few shorts. All fish today on the Bomber Long A, and a D.O.A shrimp crawled slowly on the bottom.

Sunday, I got to fish with my daughter Kelcey and the wind blew something fierce. Just like Friday, I am pretty sure we know where they are but the wind just blows the place out (Hint, hint, open area close to the ocean). We managed a few short trout and moved to the creek at dead high tide-- my least favorite. A couple more short trout and it’s pretty darn cold too, so one last stop to chunk some flukes into the trees. Had one good fish break off, then got a lower slot red and a real nice over slot.

Today, armed with the knowledge of Sunday’s fish in the laydowns, I had a couple of hours after lunch to make it happen. I ran to the closest laydowns I could find and started back with soft plastic jerk baits with weighted EWG hooks or unweighted worm hooks with a small bullet. The bite was pretty good and I ended up with 2 over slots, 3 slots and 2 fish I never got out of the bushes before they broke me off. I went thru 7 EWG’s before I ran out due to cut offs. You WILL lose some tackle in the trees. Headed over to some docks and ran into some of the shortest trout I have seen this year, and plenty of them. I used a 1/8th oz jig head with a C.A. L. minnow, barely crawled on the bottom. The water was clean everywhere we went, even though Friday it blew against the tide and smoked it up a bit.

These next three days ought to be REEL good for those that can go, and then another cool front will move in for the weekend . I gotta tell you though; the highlight of the weekend was to be able to fish with my awesome fiancĂ©e Michelle and the oldest of our wonderful kids, Kelcey. Thanx girls, I you let me know how blessed I am everyday! Sorry to ramble, I get a little crazy if I don’t wet a line for more than seven days!

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