St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Man Dan Sight Fishes Beast 9-11-11

Dan and I escaped for a couple hours on Sunday for a little fun fishing in new areas.  We picked up half a dozen Trout and half a dozen small Reds with about half being lower slots and the rest shorts.  Thought we might look at the Flounder hole, but it was blown out pretty good, so we checked out another shell covered bank.  We still had the white grubs rigged, and were just running down the bank with the trolling motor.  The water was pretty muddy, but in one clear spot I thought I saw that bronze flash.  I told Daniel to pitch his jig in there, and he actually made a pretty good cast.  I thought I saw the line jump a little and a small boil, so I told Daniel to set the hook.  Nothing happened, and I couldn't even detect the resistance of the jig, so I screamed at Daniel to REEL, REEL, REEL, as I thought the fish might have connected and come right at the boat.  Sure enough, 5 feet from the boat the line came tight and nearly jerked Daniel in the water.  A couple good runs and one time around the boat and Daniel had the fish landed.  Its always fun to sight fish, but this was kinda special to see Daniel bust one--and a good one at that--32".  Now Daniel asks me everyday if we can go "looking" for Redfish!

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