St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fishin in the Wind 9-23-11

Had Philip and Tony in for a little Trout, Red & Flounder hunt.  After doing a little scouting Thursday, I thought I had a pretty good plan--but darn if the wind didn't blow right on every spot that I thought was holding fish.  So now we're on a serious hunt, pecking away at anything we can find out of the wind.  Although the bite was not fast and furious, we picked off one or two at just about every stop.  Snuck a couple pogies in a deep hole to see if we could get a few big Reds.  Tony & Philip both landed back to back 30 and 31 inchers.  We headed out to the Flounder grounds, which I was certain would produce as we've been catching some pretty good ones as of late.  Although the bite was slow, we caught four including one pretty nice one and a couple of shorts.  Gotta tip my hat to these guys, as chunkin corks and light jigs in the wind was no easy task.  This was not these guys' first rodeo, and thanks to their perserverance working through wind and short fish, we did manage 14 good keepers for the box.  Thanks guys, I had a great time!

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