St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hampton River Fishing Report 9-3-11

Had Ted and his grandson Evan out this Saturday for some inshore fishing around the Hampton.  It was awesome to see Evan's enthusiasm, as this kid is a charter captain in the making!  Evan and Ted have fished the marshes of Georgia before, and Evan is very in tune with tides, structure and different types of presentations.  We fished hard with the water still fairly stained and a pretty good breeze blowin' in.  We ended up with 20 Trout, but could only manage 5 keepers-and good ones at that.  Evan caught a real nice spec at 22" and just over 3 lbs.  We headed up the river for some Flounder fishing, and although we hooked 8, we could only get two good keepers out of those.  Ted picked off a nice Red along the way to complete the slam.  Evan had mentioned several times that he would like to catch a shark...and a blacktip at that.  Ted and I were intent on table fare, so we explained that sharks were readily available and we could catch one in 5 minutes.  So with 5 minutes left in the trip, in honoring my promise to Evan, we made a last stop for a shark.  At this point Ted looked me in the eye and said "you told that boy you could get him a shark in 5 minutes"   :o   The fishing gods were happy that day, as the cut bait we set down got inhaled in less than two minutes...and sure enough it was a nice blacktip!  I have surely been blessed with some great anglers this year, and Ted and Evan were no exception.  Evan's smiles and 'get after' attitude made this trip an absolute blast!


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