St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Thursday, April 4, 2013

St Simons Island Spring Fishing Report

It has been a very busy winter/spring so far, compounded by computer problems, submerged camera’s and phones. Add to that an absolutely full schedule of trips, I finally get a chance to bang away at the keyboard. Thanks to so many of the GON folks for fishing with us, and to those that have rescheduled due to some pretty crazy weather (like the soaker we’re getting today) and water conditions. The trips we ran were surprisingly good, although we worked pretty hard to get on the fish.

Obviously, the nearshore bite on the wrecks has been very good with plenty of nice BSB, (come on June 1st), small blues, big reds, summer trout, and sheepshead. The sounds and beaches are yielding some good catches of whiting mixed in with our annual spring run of dogfish. Inshore, the redfish have remained strong on certain tide stages, and the flounder have just started showing up. The trout bite has been good…when you can find them. Although somewhat scattered, the fish we are finding are good size. As the water nears 68 degrees, we will get into some even larger fish and larger numbers. (We have been releasing trout over 20”…not so much for conservation, but for trophy management…big trout make big trout babies…much like deer, it’s a gene thing)

I am working on an April/May forecast with stuff (lures, rigs, locations, species, etc.) that helps us with spring fishing, should have that out later today.

Here’s a few pics we were able to save!


By Tim Cutting

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