St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Inshore Bite Heating Up! SSI 4/14/13

Michelle and I got out for couple of hours this morning before the rains. A little cool, breezy and overcast, but the fishing was good! We fished a flooded mud/shell flat that I have run past a thousand times, but never put much time into it. We ended up working it back and forth the entire time. Although we caught fish the entire length, one little 50 yd stretch produced most of the fish. We stayed on the trolling motor with corks and DOA's in about 3-5 ft. of water. Of course Michelle picked off all of the quality fish, but left a few to keep me busy too. Twenty one trout (9 shorts) a red, and flattie all made it to the boat. (Kept the legal trout, red, and flattie...freezer empty) Although the water was clear on the flat, it is still very sweet and red stained from the fresh water...but the fish didn't mind. We fished the last couple hours of the incomming tide today. Yep, spring (and the fish) are here!


By Tim Cutting

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