St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Top Secret Redfish and Trout Tactics Revealed!!

Here it is: When presented the opportunity to fish on a calm day vs. a windy/rainy day…always go with the worst weather scenario!  Just kidding. I had the chance to fish with my sweetie either yesterday or today and we chose today in order to do some chores, etc. Well, of course, yesterday was slick calm (and received some good catch reports as well) and today was around 20 outta the SW. All good.  The main goal was to see if we could jig some dock trout up on plastics for some fresh pictures to go with a little piece we are writing on “dock fishing” (dock fishing blog will be posted soon!).  It was windy, but Michelle went to work right away picking off a few good ones. Mission accomplished. We had a small tide window to check on some reds we found a while back, so we made a short run and our stuff was blown out. Michelle suggested we go around the bend and check some oysters that are fairly hard to fish but usually hold a few toads. Michelle immediately hooks up and gets broke off. Michelle fires again and connects, only to have the hooks pull at boat side! The fish are pretty boogered up but I throw in and get bit. I set the hook so hard it knocked her spots off! Now the rain is beginning to fall and looking ugly. What the heck, we got a little trout stuff to look at on the way back. Most of you know Michelle loves plugging for trout and I just happen to have a few old Excalibur bombers put back for a special occasion. Michelle goes to work hooking up a few before I can figure out the cadence. After watching her twitch and pause she finally lets me catch a few. We end up with 15 trout, with all but 1 short. Water was rough, but clean. Most fish caught on a plastic (pumpkin green glitter) that Michelle was chunkin’, and the rest on the “old school” bombers.  All fish caught on incoming water, all fish put back for another day. Thanks baby, for another great day on the marsh!

By Tim Cutting


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