St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Friday, February 8, 2013

St Simons Island Redfish & Trout 2-8-13

I had a big time on the marsh with Tom and Elanora Williams today. Tom and Elanora have a huge love for the outdoors and hunt and fish when time lets them get away from their nursery business in North Florida. The plan was trout and reds, which have been biting very good. We worked several trout spots pretty hard and never found the motherload, and ended up having to pick them off here and there, both shorts and keepers. Elanora did end up with one right at twenty inches. (Elanora pretty much put the pressure on Tom all day striking first and often) The reds were a little tougher as the negative low and a stiff breeze from the NW made it impossible to get on some of the schools I was on earlier in the week. We finally worked our way into a system that held a little more water and it paid off with both overs and slots. We pretty much had a chinese fire drill as these fish seemed to be super charged and ran under and around the boat, but some how we managed not to lose or break off any, thanks to some fine work by Tom and Elanora. The water was a little dusty but fishable and even though the next few days will have some big tides with some LOW lows, I think that those that get out should do pretty well! Thanks Tom and Elanora for a great time, and although Tom got big fish, Elanora took the aggregate...sorry Tom.

By Tim Cutting

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