St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Genuine Doormat

I had a large time in the marsh today with two really accomplished anglers, newlyweds Kristen and Brent. Brent and Kristen are regulars on the rocky Flint River and have yanked quite a few nice “shoalies”   (shoal bass). They were more than ready for our run and gun slam quest. Our mission was to do a real marsh sampler of redfish, trout, flounder and grab a big shark behind the shrimp boats. Live shrimp are not so lively right now due to the fresh hot water that’s been running thru the estuary, but make fine offerings for the multitude of lady fish, croakers, spots, whiting, grunts, pinfish and snappers that are thriving in the river right now. Our first stop was full of small fish but Kristen did manage a nice trout out of the mix. We made a run to skinny water and Brent’s first cast yielded a nice lower slot red and his second cast a nice black drum. We weeded thru some more small fish before heading out to the beach. After a few drifts we had one good shark come off before Kristen fought a pretty a pretty good one to the boat. With 3 of 4 outta the way we had just enough time to hit the sacred flounder lair. The flounder bite was a little tough but we ended up with 5 pretty good ones including a genuine doormat!  Good job guys grinding it out today, I had a blast!

by Tim Cutting

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