St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Trips and Trouts and Flatfish…Oh My

Had an extremely fun trip with Jared, his brother Micah, and their father Dennis out in the marsh today. With no real agenda, we started chunkin’ plastics for trout and started getting bit immediately.  Although we weeded through some shorts, we ended up with some solid keepers.  It was decision time now, and with a good breeze coming out of the southwest, we decided to run down the beach looking for triple tails.  As most of you know, although fairly small, they have shown up pretty good.  Well today they didn’t show…much.  We got a look at 4 the size of blue gills that sunk down before we could even fire off a cast.  After a few strolls down the beach we were about to head back inshore when a nice one showed.  Dennis got the cork right where it should be, and when that shrimp started dancing outta the water we knew he was a had lad.  It was a good one at 22”, and with only 5 sighted we decided to check on the flatties.  We jerked up a half dozen, including 3 good ones and headed to the hill to knock the hides off of ‘em.  Thanks guys, like the many trips before you, you guys sure make it fun for me!  Am I allowed to have this much fun?

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