St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Sunday, October 30, 2011

St Simons Island Fishing Report 10-28-11

Headed out for another trip with Tim from Gwinnett County.  We left the Scout at the dock, and decided on Tim's Mitzi skiff to get us into some shallow water for tailing Reds.  We also skipped the live bait, and opted for all artificial today.  While waiting for the tide to rise, we threw jigs and plastics, corks and plastics and of course, the Bomber Long A.  We picked off a few nice Trout, including a nice 20 incher that Tim caught on the Bomber.  As the tide got right, we decided to look at some new flats that I've been scouting that look absolutely perfect.  Apparently the Reds didn't think so.  Now I'm kicking myself, as we missed the cleanest water of the day lookin for tailers!  Scrambling with plan B, we began firing corks and plastics over smaller run-outs created by the 9 ft tides dropping out.  Thank goodness the Trout thought this was a good place to be as well.  We ended up the day with 20 Trout, including 12 solid keepers for the freezer.  Thanks for a great trip Tim, I always look forward to fishing with you again.  Sorry for the postage stamp pic, I had the camera in video mode, and this was the only way Michelle could extract a still  

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