St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dang its Hot! SSI Fishing Report 8-6-11

Michelle, Daniel and I headed out to do some scouting today in some pretty steamy, windless conditions.  Michelle & I went to chunkin artificials, while the one-handed little man cane poled a minnow.  Next thing I know, little man has me and Michelle down 4 to nothing!  Dan one-hands a Hammerhead, Sharpnose, Ladyfish and Trout before either one of us even get on the board.  The temperature now feels like 110 with no wind, and Michelle starts to catch Trout.  She gets two solid keepers and a nice 19 incher, and I have yet to get on the board.  At this point Michelle starts to feel down right pukey from the heat, so leaving them biting we put the Scout in the wind fearing Michelle may be on the verge of a heat stroke.  A couple miles of wind and a few bottles of water, and Michelle is starting to feel better so we decide to make a long run to the hallowed Flounder grounds.  When we get there, mother nature plays one of her little tricks, and throws us some good wind-right on our favorite bank, but we stick it out anyway.  Michelle quickly sticks two Flounder, one is a pretty nice slab too.  By now Daniel and Michelle both have 5 good fish, and I've yet to set the hook on anything!  The fishing gods smiled at the end, as Michelle got one more and I ended up sticking three-including a nice fat one.  The water was still fairly dingy for some reason and all of Michelle's Trout came on the lip diver.  The Flounder all came on the Gulp! chartruese swimming mullet because I cannot find a 4" white swimming mullet within a 50 mile radius of Brunswick! All fish released today. Good luck out there, be safe and bring plenty of water! 

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