St Simons Island Fishing Report 3/7/15

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

St Simons Island Redfish 2-14-11

After spending three days on the water scouting and fishing areas from the ocean to well west of the I-95 corridor.  I can tell you the fishing has been tough.  I fished with some excellent anglers, including Michelle, Capt. TJ and Justin & Tracy from Douglas, GA on Saturday.  Capt. TJ and I found some stripers on Thursday in terrible weather.  On Friday, Michelle and I threw on hundreds of spooky reds without a look, and scouted several creeks without seeing fish.  Saturday I figured we'd throw some crabs on the spooky fish, and only got one bite--and that fish pulled the hook (no fish Saturday, so Justin and Tracy will receive a free trip in the future).  I feel like I need to report the bad days as well as the good--even guys like me, that spend a lot of time on the water, run into some tough conditions and will come across fish with a case of lock jaw. 
Today was different...finally.  Although it took some looking, I finally found some fish that would eat.  Ended up with 9 Reds and had a couple of good ones pull the hooks.  Had a couple lower slots, couple upper slots and four good overs, up to 26".  Water was gin clear, and all but a couple fish were caught on a white Exude soft plastic jerk bait with a weighted worm hook.  Gulp 3" Shrimp and Gulp New Penny jerk bait caught a couple too.  All fish released.

Had three BIG crazy otters barkin at me and raising straight up out of the water to look at me.  Kinda kooky!  Maybe I was sore mouthin their dinner, I don't know...

Couldn't go home til I found this heart shaped spot tail for my Baby for Valentine's Day.  What are odds?

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